There seems to be a lot of hype in bodybuilding and athletics regarding the use of legal steroids and for good reason……they WORK!!

Cyba Labs is a manufacturer of a premium line of pharmaceutical grade legal steroids. All of the supplements are made in the U.S. under strict guidelines in a GMP inspected facility. These products are a legal alternative to banned anabolic substances.

Cyba Labs six product line up is perfect for bulking, cutting or for better all around athletic performance.

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                          Cyba-Labs  AD-50




                    Increases Protein Metabolism

Increases Nitrogen Retention

Strongest OTC Formula

Zero Effect on Estrogen



AD-50 was engineered to mimic the effect of Oxymetalone aka Anadrol 50 or Oral Turinabol which is one of the most powerful anabolic agents available today with NO side effects. It’s super potent formula offers extreme muscle mass and strength gains. This supplement will increase the production of red blood cells allowing them to shuttle more oxygen to your muscles which will delay muscle fatigue allowing faster recovery time.

Within a few short days of cycling this product your body will experience a tidal wave rush of Testosterone production. The effects of extra Testosterone in the body are HUGE. You will experience instant strength increases, massive muscle gains, increased training aggression and a colossal spike in libido. No worries about estrogen build up, AD-50 blocks estrogen receptors completely stopping its production.

AD-50 is extremely powerful and is only for serious athletes and bodybuilders. It is a monster of a legal steroid and should only be taken in the recommended dosage.


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                       Cyba-Labs  EQUI-DROL

Equi-Drol by Cyba-Labs



UNMATCHED Strength & Stamina

Impressive Physical Conditioning

Extreme Vascularity

Fast Recovery



Equi-Drol is designed to be an advanced legal steroids capable of adding incredible strength and reducing bloat during bulking cycles. Engineered to provide the near legendary performance enhancement of Equipoise aka Boldenone or Trenbolone. Experience awesome strength and power, amazing physical conditioning, fast healing and everything else in between.

Equi-Drol drives red blood cell production, dramatically increasing oxygen transportation. Increased oxygen availability throws your workout into overdrive, maxing out your stamina, and reduces your recovery time.

The action hero of legal steroids, Equi-Drol packs an almighty punch, delivering raw power, pure muscle, leaving you toned, hard, ripped and ready.


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                         Cyba-Labs  D-BOLIN 25

D-Bolin 25 by Cyba Labs



Huge Gains in MASS

Increased Muscle Hardness

Enhanced Nitrogen Retention

Fast Recovery



Cyba-Labs developed D-BOLIN 25 after intense research and development. It incorporates all the mass and strength gaining properties of D-Ball or Dianabol. This true mass builder combines the strongest legal formulas to create a powerful product that will give you ridiculous gains in both mass and strength with zero water retention and no side effects.

D-BOLIN 25 enables your muscle tissue to retain more nitrogen which allows for better more efficient protein absorption. Proper nitrogen balance means providing an optimal state for muscle growth. It will also will improve your nutrient absorption rate working deep in your cells to supercharge protein synthesis, triggering the primary muscle building process. This increase in protein synthesis allows your muscles to grow fast making you bigger and stronger.

D-BOLIN 25 is one of the most used and most popular compounds on the market, whether it is used as a standalone or as part of a stack, this compound helps users build serious muscle mass while increasing your strength to maximum levels.


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                  Cyba-Labs  WINSTRAZOL V

winstrazol v, winne v legal steroid




RETAIN Lean Muscle Mass

ENHANCE Vascularity

ROCK-HARD Muscular Definition



Designed to come as close as legally possible to Winstrol, Winstrazol is a cutting edge cutting supplement. Buring fat and improving cardiovascular performance, Winstrazol’s cutting edge formula simultaneously boosts oxygen transport and kickstarts thermogenesis.

Boosting your body’s BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate), Winstrazol V throws your metabolism into overdrive. Shredding fat & dumping retained water to let your ripped, muscular physique shine through. An interesting side effect of all this is twofold, first, Winstrazol enhances your vascularity, and second, you’re left with iron hard muscles after all that fat has been blasted off of them.

Be careful though, seeing the rapid transformation, some people may assume you’re on something. Luckily because our formula is entirely safe and legal, you’ll still be able to piss clean.


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                  Cyba-Labs  DECABOLIN




Promotes Lean Muscle Mass

Explosive Power and Strength

Fast Recovery

ZERO Water Retention



DECABOLIN is a legal and safe replacement for Deca-Durabolin also known as Nandrolone Deconate. It is specially formulated to stimulate quality size gains, increase strength and assist in lean muscle perseveration during diet cycles.

It is an extremely versatile product used in both bulking and cutting cycles. When taken during a bulking cycle it provides lean dry gains and massive strength gains. When DECABOLIN is taken during a cutting cycle it works as a catalyst to maintain lean muscle mass.

This advanced anabolic formula dramatically increases protein synthesis and red blood cell production.With these two metabolic actions working at maximum efficiency the result is high quality muscle gains plus improved strength. It also increases the amount of oxygen-carrying red blood cells in your body, which means more oxygen reaches your muscles. All of this means longer, harder workouts with faster recovery.

It’s complex, super potent formula is known for giving the physique a rock hard look without water bloat and it stacks well with any of our products.


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