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                                                              Cyba Labs  LEANOUT   Cycle


The LEANOUT cycle is a super charged muscle building combo designed to help you gain muscle while shredding body fat! With the proper diet and training routine this stack will aid you in producing outstanding results.

The LEANOUT cycle combines three of our incredibly powerful cutting and hardening supplements EQUI-DROL, WINSTRAZOL V and DECABOLIN.

•WINSTRAZOL V is easily one of the most potent and efficient compounds on the market, make your        hard work speak way louder than your words with this intense formula.

•EQUI-DROL should not be taken lightly, effects include solid increases in lean mass and decreases in      body fat that will start making women fight over you!

•DECABOLIN combines the strongest legal formulas to create the lean mass and muscle hardness you    want without getting massively huge in the process.

Simply put–The LEANOUT cycle is the game-changer that will help you get that that lean, dry, and hard physique you desire.





Cyba Labs MASS Cycle


The Mass Cycle is a anabolic triple stack engineered to rapidly increase size and
strength, amplify your workouts and assist in developing dense muscle mass.

The Mass Cycle combines three extremely powerful products in one cycle, AD-50, D-BOLIN 25

•AD-50 is a beast of mass product that gives its user insane size, mass and strength gains.
It contains very powerful and effective ingredients which work synergistically to provide
unbelievable results.

•D-BOLIN 25 works at dramatically improving your nutrient absorption rate and works deep in
your cells to supercharge protein synthesis, triggering the primary muscle building

•DECABOLIN is one of the top of the line legal steroids for hard bulking and strength
building. Accelerating glycogen synthesis produces faster recuperation after intense
weight training workouts.

Along with proper exercise and protein intake, the Mass Cycle will lead to huge mass and
strength gains and hardening of muscles for that thick powerful look that so many athletes
and bodybuilders desire.